Justin Snoderly helps Senators down the Columbia Twins 3-1

Washington Senators (3) , Columbia Twins (1)
Washington Senators0003000360
Columbia Twins1000000163
Columbia Twins
F. F2000000.000
B. B3110010.333
I. I3010010.333
D. D2001000.000
B. B3010000.333
R. R3010010.333
D. D3000010.000
R. R3000020.000
R. R1000000.000
M. M2020001.000
L. L1000000.000
D. D1000010.000
2B:B, B. (1), M, M. 2 (2)
RBI:D, D. (1)

Columbia Twins
F. F4615311401.75
L. L1130001000.00
R. R2230001000.00

LP-- F. F
Washington Senators
D. Baldwin3010000.333
K. Saberi3000010.000
K. Walker2100010.000
R. Uenishi3110000.333
J. Snoderly2110100.500
D. Kotin3011000.333
B. Kellams3010000.333
D. Verrastro3010020.333
D. Engle2011000.500
M. Lalane1000100.000
F. Milton1000000.000
RBI:Engle, D. (4), Kotin, D. (1)
CS:Lalane, M. (1)
PO:Engle, D. 2 (10), Becker, C. (13), Snoderly, J. 2 (11), Kotin, D. 8 (53), Saberi, K. (21), Baldwin, D. 3 (22), Uenishi, R. 3 (6)

Washington Senators
R. Uenishi5656100500.00
B. Kellams2270000300.00

WP-- R. Uenishi


Justin Snoderly went 1-2, sparking Senators to a 3-1 victory in seven innings over the Columbia Twins on Wednesday at Parkrose High School.

The Columbia Twins had no answer for Blake Kellams, who kept runners off the basepaths in his appearance. Kellams held the Columbia Twins hitless over two innings, allowed no earned runs, walked none and struck out three.

Ryoki Uenishi got it done on the hill on the way to a win. He allowed one run over five innings. Uenishi struck out five, walked none and gave up six hits.

Fuller was charged with the loss. He lasted just four innings, walked one, struck out four, and allowed three runs.

The lone run of the game for the Columbia Twins crossed the plate in the first inning on a fielder's choice.

Senators didn't relinquish the lead after scoring three runs in the fourth inning when it scored on two singles.

Senators beat Cascade Meadowlarks behind David Engle's 1 hitter, 6-0

Cascadia Meadowlarks (0) , Washington Senators (6)
Cascadia Meadowlarks0000000011
Washington Senators10002306141
Washington Senators
T. Clinton3020010.667
D. Baldwin3110000.333
K. Walker3120000.667
R. Uenishi3122000.667
K. Saberi3120000.667
D. Kotin3110000.333
C. Chegwidden3120010.667
D. Engle3011000.333
M. Lalane3000010.000
D. Verrastro2011010.500
B. Kellams1000000.000
2B:Clinton, T. (3), Baldwin, D. (1)
3B:Walker, K. (2), Clinton, T. (2)
RBI:Engle, D. (4), Verrastro, D. (1), Uenishi, R. 2 (3)
SB:Chegwidden, C. (1), Kotin, D. (1)
PO:Walker, K. (10), Engle, D. 2 (10), Chegwidden, C. (6), Lalane, M. (7), Kotin, D. 8 (53), Saberi, K. (21), Clinton, T. 3 (16), Baldwin, D. 2 (22), Uenishi, R. (6)

Washington Senators
D. Engle7811003500.00

WP-- D. Engle
Cascadia Meadowlarks
G. B3000000.000
B. B3000010.000
Z. O2000010.000
D. K2000100.000
J. P3000010.000
C. Something2000100.000
D. A2000000.000
J. Something1000110.000
A. Something2010010.500

Cascadia Meadowlarks
B. B58412660408.40
D. A172000000.00

LP-- B. B


Senators Escapes Cascade Meadowlarks Behind David Engle's 1 hitter, 6-0

A great effort by David Engle carried Senators to a 6-0 win in seven innings over Cascade Meadowlarks on Tuesday at Parkrose high school.

Engle brought the heat against Cascade Meadowlarks during his outing. Cascade Meadowlarks managed just one hit off of Engle, who allowed no earned runs, walked three and struck out five during his seven innings of work.

Senators beat Cascade Meadowlarks thanks to 14 hits, including four extra base hits. Senators scored three runs in the sixth on Senators scored in the sixth on an RBI single by Ryoki Uenishi, an RBI single by Kurt Saberi, and an RBI single by Engle.

Uenishi racked up two RBIs on two hits for Senators.

Bruce B couldn't get it done on the mound for Cascade Meadowlarks, taking a loss. He lasted five innings, walked none, struck out four, and allowed six runs.

Senators stayed on top until the final out after taking the lead in the first, scoring one run on a fielder's choice.

Senators increased its lead with two runs in the fifth. A sac fly by Michael LaLane for the inning's first run. That was followed up by Derek Verrastro's single, plating Cody Chegwidden.

Come watch Walker and Clinton's Battle of the Triples continue tomorrow at Parkrose HS when the Senators take on the Columbia Twins at 6pm.

Division Standing

Thunder 2 0
G-Nomes 1 0
River Cats 1 0
Bandits 1 0
Senators 5 5
Cardinals 0 0
Wildcats 0 1
Renegades 0 1

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